Industry News

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As trends across the home improvement industry change, it’s important to stay current with the latest technologies, products, and client preferences for residential living. Here are some industry updates... Read More

Strategic Networking Tips for Contractors

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If you’re a small business owner or a self-employed contractor, networking is an essential part of developing and growing your business. Although connecting with other professionals may feel stressful... Read More

How to Get Homeowner Leads Free

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The process of finding new leads can seem daunting—and expensive—for the budding contracting professional. It’s true that leads tend to develop naturally over time, but here at... Read More

9 Simple SEO Hacks

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Every business owner with an online presence has heard the word “SEO.” It refers to “Search Engine Optimization”—an elusive process that ranks your website and its content at the... Read More

Website Redesign on a Budget

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A business website is a smart and viable marketing tool, but when it isn’t doing the job of drawing traffic, retaining visitors, and making sales, you’ll need to... Read More

How to Better Manage Cash Flow

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How to Better Manage Cash Flow Keeping the cash flowing in a positive direction is a full time job, especially when you’re working to meet projections for the week,... Read More

Online Booking for Remodeling Jobs

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​Adding online booking to your business website is a great way to drive traffic to your site and convert visitors to your page into appointments and ultimately customers. In today... Read More

The Top 9 Green Remodeling Projects

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​Homeowners who “go green” and use an earth-sustaining approach in their home improvement projects can reap many benefits. In addition to the environmental advantages, remodeling in an eco-friendly way can... Read More