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Every professional contractor should consider the importance of the follow up phone call. It is a good way to show your loyalty to a customer and set a positive lasting impression. As a home improvement contractor, make a follow up call to remind someone about an appointment or check up on a recent completed project. Keep track of your leads and answer their questions. Follow up phone calls have numerous advantages if you know how to handle them.

First, have a notepad nearby. Know the name of the customer, the details about the last discussion and what you plan to discuss. Create a bulleted list of the main points, such as prices and deadlines. Be sure to greet the person by his or her name. If there will be another follow up call, write down the details concerning the call. Write down anything else you may deem important because you never know when you could forget something.

Keep your phone call as brief as possible. No one wants to hear information or an explanation that drags on longer than necessary. State the person’s name, offer a greeting and show gratitude for the time offered. Do not include unnecessary details that can be included on the next meeting.

Give the person plenty of time to speak. Some professionals make the mistake of dominating the conversation and not giving client plenty of time to ask questions. That way, making another follow up call may not be necessary. If you want to promote a product or service, it may be necessary to send out information through an email or mailed package. Set up a follow up meeting, if necessary. Avoid ending the call without asking for action.

Make sure that your contact understands everything that you are saying. Speak slowly and as clearly as possible. You may ask to repeat of all the information you just stated. Sometimes, when people hear a lot of information they forget half of it once the call ends. Others may not understand, but pretend like they do. Both the caller and the receiver must be on the same page.

Avoid using a script to handle a call because it may be easy to detect. One way to turn someone off is to sound mechanical and pretend like you are interested. Put effort into the call from start to finish. Even if you are an office receptionist who makes dozens of calls per day, put thought into each call can go a long way.

As a contractor, you must maintain a good professional impression as a quality contractor at all times. Assure customers that you are interested in their business and want to keep working for as long as possible. Do not cut corners on the quality of your follow up phone calls. Also, know that making these calls is better than making none at all. Make people believe that you are fully dedicated to your business.