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A user-friendly website is crucial to the success of your contracting business. You want people to be engaged by the material so that you don’t miss any potential clients. Paying attention to the following elements helps you to ensure that your web presence is a noteworthy one.

Clear representation of your logo

Some visitors will stumble upon your website and learn about your services for the first time. However, others will have heard or seen your name before and know that they want to use your services. The name and logo of your business should be readily identifiable so that viewers can quickly determine if you are the company they’re looking for. Including other important details, such as your location and phone number, is also crucial in ensuring that potential and repeat customers are quickly able to recognize who your company is and where it is located.

Easy-to-navigate layout

As a contracting company, you likely offer a diverse array of services. People who want one particular service probably don’t want to weed through a plethora of information about something else. Whether you use tabs across the top of the main page or down the side, make clear which tabs people need to click on for certain services. You might also want to have a page where customers can click if they do not see the service that they want or a comprehensive list of all the services that you offer.

Contact information

Including the address is important since that’s how some people will identify you, and others will want to come to your physical location. However, in a world where individuals like to send emails and call on the telephone to gather some preliminary information, you need to make yourself accessible. Include a phone number where you can be reached along with the hours that the number is available. Furthermore, be sure to have an email address on the website or an automatic submission form. Give people an estimated time by which you will get back to them. The best possible thing you can do? Have your phone number and city in large font in the top corner of every single page of your website, especially the main page.

Visual elements

Since you are a contracting company, people want to see what type of work you’re capable of producing. While you don’t need a portfolio of every job you’ve ever accomplished, providing some samples of your work is important. Let customers know that if they’d like to see samples of some specific projects that are not available on the site, you’re able to provide them.

Creating appealing content is also crucial to the success of your website. These listed elements will help to make the site user-friendly, but so will weaving in blog materials, cartoons and other casual content that will keep the visitors engaged with your website. When you are able to leave an impression on the visitors, you often have a better chance of turning them into customers.

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