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​Adding online booking to your business website is a great way to drive traffic to your site and convert visitors to your page into appointments and ultimately customers. In today’s digital world people turn to the internet first to find information about companies and services, but getting customers to your site is only half the battle.

Why Use Online Booking?

As a company you want to set up appointments as soon as possible to turn an interested consumer into a new customer. Online booking provides the perfect way to do this, allowing someone to book an appointment for a quote right from the comfort of their own home at any time, day or night.

This also reduces the amount of time you spend on the phone every day making appointments, so more time can be spent giving quotes and making offers. With your online booking system working around the clock to lock in more business, you can increase the effectiveness of your company in a huge way.

With an online booking system customers can easily see when you are available and choose the time that works best for them. They will then enter all their information into the system and it will be sent directly to you, organized and on file for your convenience.

How Does It Work?

An online booking system works by integrating with your website. Bookings are scheduled directly from your site for a seamless booking experience for your customers. You then manage your bookings and appointments with an administrative dashboard that allows you to move or cancel appointments and keeps you continually updated and in control of your schedule.

Important Features You Should Have

When choosing and setting up an online booking system there are some important features you should look for and be sure to include on your site. The first is an attractive “Book Now” button on your page that will draw people’s attention, be easy to locate and click on and stand out as a convenient feature of your business. It is also important to have real time booking that sends immediate confirmation of the reservation to the customer and to you so that everyone can stay updated. Some services will also send SMS confirmations and other follow-up communications directly to your customer to reduce no shows and improve your customer service. Another great feature is choosing a booking system that will allow you to customize your booking page with company colors, logos and other unique components.

Some Top Online Booking Sites

There are many online booking systems that offer services for different prices and with a variety of appealing features. Some notable ones include, BookingBug that offers a $19.95 a month service with no contract and optional free 2-week trial, Routezilla that offers a starter option at $19 a month and a 15% discount for paying a full year in advance, and ScheduleOnce that offers basic options for $5 and $9 a month options and a professional version for $19 a month. There are many other sites as well, all with slight variations in prices and features. Many offer free trial periods or live demos where you can explore and decide what service works best for you.

Overall, online booking is a smart and effective way to increase the profitability of your site and your conversion ratio of website visitors to paying customers, while offering your clients an exciting new service.

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