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As the world around us becomes more focused than ever on the environment, it’s clear that industries of all types are beginning to incorporate more eco-friendly practices. This is certainly true for the construction industry, where both businesses and clients consciously opt for services and products that are greener and more energy efficient than their predecessors.

By rebranding and refocusing your construction business to prioritize green practices, you can generate new leads, stand out against your competitors, and earn the reputation of a modern business. Here are some of our top tips to help you rebrand as a green construction business.

Know your facts

Before you change your brand and slap on an eco-friendly tagline to your current construction business, it’s essential to understand how environmental consciousness works in the world today. Your first step here should involve reading up on current events and energy use, including national and international goals for renewable energy use and green building practices for the next few decades.

Once you have an idea how green businesses operate, research the current local and national building market to help you get an idea of what clients expect from a green construction company. A quick look at the current eco-friendly building trends in your area and the specific building practices of some of the green businesses completing these jobs will give you the information you need to focus your rebranding efforts. Find out how these companies are making themselves more eco-friendly and try incorporating some of their best practice to lower the carbon footprint of your own construction business.

Finally, consider your client base. Environmentally conscious buyers—often millennials, according to statistics—are interested in green homes that will save them money in the long term and help the environment at the same time. If you want to grow your rebranded green business, finding a way to please your client base is invaluable.

Get some green credentials

While market research and an understanding of green building practices are important parts of rebranding your construction business, real credibility comes from qualifications and training. Currently, there are no national regulations or requirements for green construction companies, but several national training programs will give you a leg up on your competition and make your green business more convincing. The most popular of these is GPRO, a national training program from the Urban Green Council (the New York chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council). It focuses on comprehensive green building practices for construction professionals— including plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems.

In addition to completing training courses, you can build your green portfolio by completing LEED certified builds and switching to Energy Star rated products whenever possible. LEED builds are certified by the U.S. Green Building Council and are assessed according to their sustainability. On the other hand, Energy Star rated products are approved as energy efficient by the Environmental Protection Agency and come in all shapes and sizes (from windows and doors to HVAC units and lighting systems). If you want to lower your business’ carbon footprint even further, consider moving towards Net Zero Energy in your building projects by making your builds 100% carbon neutral and sustainable.

Focus your new business direction

One of the most important parts of rebranding is finding a focus for your green construction business. Before advertising your new focus and skill set, decide which aspects of green building will be most important to you.

If you want to create a more eco-friendly building process, use green building products such as locally sourced bricks, stone, and sustainable wood. By using more manpower and less heavy machinery, and sourcing materials locally rather than shipping across the country—or even internationally—you’ll decrease the carbon footprint of your builds.

Renewable energy sources such as solar power are also becoming commonplace in more builds, so consider specialized training for solar panel installation if your business would benefit from this kind of service.

Making eco-friendly choices in the office side of your business is just as important as the build itself. If your company needs to change its ways here, make a commitment to invest in energy efficient office appliances and supplies made from recycled paper and card. When purchasing appliances and other products for your builds, choose Energy Star rated products whenever possible.

Market your new brand

After completing all the hard work required to rebrand your green construction business, make sure to spread the word about your new priorities–professional advice and lead sourcing from Home Improvement Leads can help take the stress out of marketing your new brand. Highlight your new green ethos and practices to current clients and potential new leads through social media updates, website and blog posts, and print, radio, and television advertising. Spread the word at local fairs and markets, business meetings, and trade shows and don’t forget to incorporate your green credentials in your branding. Finally, get references from other professionals who can vouch for your green work and clients who have benefited from these changes. In our experience, statistics always help generate new leads, so take the time to crunch some numbers and explain exactly how much energy and money your green business practices can save.