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Every savvy business owner knows that repeat customers drive sales while reducing the time and money spent on marketing efforts. Although a repeat customer is the goal of every business transaction, it can be easy to lose sight of keeping a past customer’s interest. Here are some of the top strategies to follow for developing loyalty in every customer that will lead to repeat business and referrals that will send your profit skyrocketing.

Aim for Consistency

When a customer has a positive experience, they expect the same results in every transaction. Think about the last time you visited a favorite restaurant or entertainment venue. Most likely, the clients you revisit time and time again are the ones where you know you can always expect a high level of service. Aim for this same level of consistency with every customer you work with, and they will pay back your attention to detail with their loyalty.

Create a Contact Sheet

Mailing lists, follow-up phone calls and holiday cards are all successful ways to build relationships with your customers. However, it is easy to lose track of customers with which you may not have recently done business. Start keeping a contact list of every customer that approaches your business that includes their names, home and email addresses, and phone numbers. After making contact, be sure to write down a few important unique identifying notes that can remind you of information that can be useful the next time you speak with the customer.

Follow Up on Completed Jobs

Home improvements can be stressful, even when the job goes perfectly. By taking the time to follow up on completed jobs, you can assist your customers with any problems they may have experienced from unforeseen issues. This will ensure that your customers know that you stand behind your work, and it will leave a lasting impression that will remind them to call your company when they are ready for their next home improvement project.

Make it Personal

Developing a strong relationship with your customers is what it takes to keep them coming back. Take the time to learn your customer’s names and try to remember a few personal details you can bring up in later conversations. Additionally, consider sending handwritten holiday cards and thank you notes for jobs that have been completed. This personal touch will make you stand out from the rest of the competition’s impersonal advertising.

Stay Accessible

When your customers know they can reach you with their concerns and questions, you will have them for life. Everyone gets busy when working on a big project, but be sure to set aside time in the day to return phone calls and emails from your customers. You never know when a ringing phone may mean that a repeat customer is calling.

Increasing repeat customers is best achieved through utilizing multiple tailored methods that are designed to foster relationships with those you do business with while making sure they receive top-quality service. Remember that making a personal connection can work wonders for business transactions that will drive up sales and encourage referrals.

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