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When you’re on the job, it’s important to stay organized to ensure that tasks get finished and customers stay happy. Since most people today have smartphones that they carry with them everywhere they go, leveraging these technologies to stay organized is an effective strategy. However, it is important that these apps actually help people stay organized and don’t facilitate distractions that can cause people to get less out of each day. Below is a list of some of the best apps professionals can use today in order to stay organized while on the job.


For people using a phone that supports the Android operating system, CalenGoo is an app designed to help people sync their phone with their Google Calendar. Instead of trying to maintain several different calendars at the same time, users of this app will be able to ensure that they can see everything in one place. This will help to reduce problems associated with forgetting events simply because they are saved on the wrong calendar. The app even puts a widget on the home screen so that users can quickly see what they are scheduled for each day and they can therefore plan ahead. It can even help with remembering things like calling friends or telling people happy birthday. With an app like this, professionals will not need to worry about missing meetings or forgetting to call the client back.


Get the most out of every day by planning ahead for activities that will occur at each hour. For professionals looking to do this, Freckle is an online application that allows users to input their schedule for each day. The application is able to take data from multiple sources, including time slots that have been pre-allocated for certain activities. The app can even assist professionals with ensuring that they correctly bill clients for hours that they use. This helps to reduce forgetfulness and keeps projects on task by ensuring that all team members are doing what they need to do at all times.


For people who find themselves wasting too much time on the computer or playing games on their phone, RescueTime can help get people back on track by ensuring that they are doing the right activities at each time. For example, many people today waste valuable hours browsing the web instead of doing the job that needs to get done. This app provides reminders when a user seems to be getting off track while on their phone. The application can also work on a computer, where it can block certain websites and programs. As a result of using this app, users can eventually train themselves to stop wasting so much time each day and get more work done.

Now that you can stay organized in your contractor business, make sure your remodel website is user friendly!