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As a contractor in the digital age, you already know that an established and up-to-date online presence is key for generating new leads and keeping in touch with current clients. Most consumers will perform initial searches themselves and make inquiries online instead of face to face. That’s why a high-quality website that allows two-way communication and clearly states your products and services is essential for standing a chance against competitors. Interactive web forms, if developed and implemented correctly, will make your website more open and approachable and help generate more leads. Here are just a few of the reasons that we think web forms are key to an impressive home improvement website.

Increase site interaction

There are several different kinds of web forms you can insert on your business website, but a few in particular will help to increase site interaction and draw the attention of potential leads. Lead generation contact forms give your leads a chance to inquire about your services and pricing structure, as well as to ask any questions they may have. If you have a regular blog or newsletter, a short subscription form will allow potential clients and site browsers to subscribe to RSS feeds and social media updates via email. Finally, review forms are a great way of soliciting references from past clients and can form part of your online business portfolio. Having some or all of these forms available on your website will make your page look more professional and impressive while letting your leads know that you take care of your curated social media presence.

Let your clients know you care

Web forms are great for collecting basic demographic information from potential leads, but they also give clients the ability to ‘meet’ you and your business before any face-to-face introduction. This is particularly useful since the vast majority of communication for businesses these days takes place online. Learning about clients’ needs via web forms establishes an immediate positive relationship because they know you care about their needs and requirements, but they feel free to browse your page in a safe, pressure-free environment. If your site looks sharp and clean with clear and intuitive forms, these potential leads are more likely to turn into new business for you.

Ease leads in gently

Visitors to your site are more likely to be honest on a web form than in a face-to-face meeting—at least initially. Rather than making a hard sell, lead generation contact forms allow you to coax information—such as budget, goals, priorities, and expectations—out of potential leads through forms without coming across as pushy or rude. When developing and formatting your web forms, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, keep it short and sweet. Avoid unnecessary boxes and too many information requests whenever possible to keep leads interested and more likely to submit their forms. Second, let your clients know what you plan to do with the information you receive, as well as what you don’t plan to do. Let them know that you will contact them with price quotes, specialist suggestions, and a business plan, but make it clear that you won’t share their information with any third parties. Finally, ensure that your web forms are intuitive and mobile-device friendly. Inserting ghost text will help customers know what information to put in where, and placing helpful prompts and drop-down boxes throughout the forms will avoid any confusion.
Generating new leads can feel like a daunting process for any business, but knowing that technology is your friend will make things easier from start to finish. Intuitive and clear web forms will let clients know that you care about their needs and will also establish a successful working relationship from the outset. If, after updating your website with forms, you want to generate more new leads, the professionals at Home Improvement Leads can connect you with even more potential clients to help grow your business.