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When the housing market took a tumble, contracting jobs for the residential market were practically wiped out. Foreclosures and staying afloat on underwater mortgages were the only goals on homeowner’s minds, not adding that shiny new sink into a remodeled kitchen. Now with home prices on the rise, homeowners feel more comfortable with personalizing their space with expensive remodels and new appliances.

Start Small

Homeowners see the value in hiring a contractor for the little jobs around the house, such as replacing a toilet or sink faucet. As you work diligently on these jobs, look around the rest of the house for any suggestions that could bring you new work. If you install a faucet for a reasonable price with quality workmanship, for example, a homeowner is more inclined to hire you for more expensive repairs or renovations.

Suggest Appliances

A new appliance is a simple way to start a potential remodeling job. Suggest models that are reasonably priced with new amenities, including an ice maker. Refer the homeowner to a colleague that can offer a great price on the desired model. Building trust is one of the best ways to generate new sales and leads. Pleased homeowners talk to their friends and family about their experiences, allowing you to benefit from the word-of-mouth.

Update To Energy Efficiency

Homeowners are willing to spend money if the return is a higher home value. One way to increase a home’s selling price is to make it more “green.” Quote functional items that make the home energy efficient. Solar paneling installations offer long-term energy savings and an opportunity to sell the extra energy back to the electrical company. New windows used to be declined in harder times, due to their cost. Current trends show that customers are receptive to paying for all windows if they increase energy efficiency. Even insulation for walls and hot water heaters are selling well in response to high electrical bills.

Even Landscaping Is a High End Improvement

Clients want a visually appealing garden for potential buyers. Offer your insight on walkway construction or landscaping renovation. Even a small landscaping job may turn into a larger and more lucrative interior remodeling project.

Incentives Are Piling Up

Government tax incentives for more energy efficient appliances and home remodel projects encourage contractor hiring trends. Offer pamphlets on government discounts to win the bid. By helping clients understand the discounts, more remodeling projects can begin. In the past, only one room was remodeled at a time, but many homeowners are splurging and asking for up to four rooms remodeled.

With relaxed bank financing, more homeowners qualify for lines of credit to pay for expensive remodels. If you have friends or colleagues in the home finance industry, keep their business cards on hand to give to clients. Because they are willing to spend the funds if they have access to them, clients appreciate an expedited financing process to improve the home.

Clients take pride in their homes, and with ample funds, you can help them achieve their contractor job goals. Work with your clients to fix both small and large home areas for a loyal customer base that continues to grow.