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​With severe winter weather sweeping across the United States, independent HVAC contractors have a unique opportunity to gain new business. According to the latest news, millions of people throughout the United States are bracing for a winter that has been called everything from an “Arctic-blast” to “life-threatening.” It is expected that temperatures will be the coldest in twenty years.

Many clients won’t need convincing to repair a broken system. But some may still be indecisive if they really need to upgrade or replace an existing system. Here are some key selling points for HVAC replacement for these homeowners:

1. Lower temperatures mean higher utility bills. When temperatures fall, utility bills rise. However, heating costs can be reduced by proper HVAC replacement or repairs. A well-maintained and efficient HVAC system will not only cut electricity usage, but also make it easier to stay warm.

2. Replacing an old HVAC system is cost effective. HVAC systems are sturdy - they can last for twenty years if properly maintained. But, it’s important to check an HVAC unit regularly to make sure that it is functioning properly. If it is not, it may need to be replaced. While this may incur high costs up front, it will save money over the long run because it will reduce electricity costs.

3. Sometimes repairs can be inexpensive. In many cases HVAC system replacement may not be necessary. Sometimes, all that is needed to improve the way their HVAC system works is to replace the old filter. While a new filter is optimal, it’s also possible to get a good reusable one. These can work almost as well as a new one if they have been properly rinsed.

4. Inaccurate thermostats. Sometimes HVAC unit inefficiencies may be the result of an older thermostat. The older thermostats used mercury, which can be inaccurate. If homeowners are using an inaccurate thermostat, they might set the temperature to the desired level only to discover that their unit heats up more than necessary, which will cause costs to go up. For an accurate temperature reading, suggest that they replace their mercury thermostat with a digital one. Digital thermostats offer several advantages. First, they give the right level of temperature. Second, they can be programmed to make the house warm when the homeowner wakes up in the morning or when he or she gets home from work in the evenings. They can also be programmed to turn off when people go to work.

5. Unclean or damaged ducts. Efficient heating requires clean heating ducts. When inspecting heating ducts, look for dents, punctures, or disconnected parts. When ducts are damaged, they waste warm air. This will increase the homeowner’s heating bill. Offer duct inspection to potential clients and they will be likely to hire you to fix the problems you find.

6. Ventilation problems. During winter, proper ventilation is an important aspect of maintaining a home. Poor ventilation may result in a build up of moisture. Trapped moisture, in turn, can damage a roof, causing it to rot. Homeowners will then need to spend money on hiring a roofing contractor to fix the damage. It’s much cheaper to be proactive about the problem and fix HVAC ventilation issues before they cause more extensive damage.

This year’s harsh winter is a great opportunity for HVAC contractors to sell their services. Be sure to use these talking points with your potential HVAC clients.

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