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respond quick to leads

You need to build your home improvement company’s brand online, but what about once you have the leads waiting for a follow up?

​Internet leads are a great way to help grow your business, increase revenue and build brand awareness. Leads, however, are most effectively converted when responded to quickly, making speed the key to success with lead generation marketing. Research shows that speed of response is the best predictor of whether a transaction will be closed or a lead converted into an appointment. Set yourself up for success with internet leads by understanding this principle and devising a plan to respond to your leads within 5-10 minutes.

Why Does Speed Matter?

In today’s digital world people are used to getting results instantaneously and will respond to answers that come quickly. Because customers often fill out multiple lead forms and leads may be sold to multiple professionals, the first person to make contact is in the best position to pitch successfully. Research shows that the odds of making contact with a lead after 30 minutes versus after five drops by 100 times. Once a customer has spoken to one or two contractors they often have the information they need and do not want to speak to anyone else.

Being the first person to contact a lead also increases your chance of converting the lead by up to 238%. As the first person on the phone you have the chance to sell your services before anyone else, give convincing qualifying statements right from the beginning, and force others to play catch-up. These statistics all prove the importance of having a quick response time for every one of your leads.

How to Make Speed Possible?

In order to take advantage of the benefits of quick lead response you need an effective plan in place for responding to leads within 5 minutes. Although there are many ways to contact people today with email and text messaging, calling a lead is still the best way to make a conversion. Consider hiring a sales person or sales team to be in charge of calling every lead in real time, no more than 5 minutes after receiving it. Another option is to have lead information sent to multiple people on your team so that someone can pick up the phone and dial right away. Make quick lead response a priority and recognize that your efforts will pay off. Monitor your conversion data, and work to perfect and improve lead response times and effectiveness.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Many companies are not staffed after hours or on weekends and therefore do not reach out to leads generated at those times until the next business day. Put a plan in place to reach out during these times to give your company an advantage. Because every lead is most valuable when you are able to contact within 5 minutes, choose how many leads you receive each day carefully. Sign up to get the number of leads you think you can manage successfully and get the most out of your marketing dollars. More leads will not necessarily make your conversions better, but better response times can make a big difference.

Make it a company goal to improve your lead response time and watch contact percentage and lead conversions improve dramatically in 2014. Below is an infographic explaining more about lead response time.

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