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As a contractor, your website is a key tool for success in a very competitive industry. Today, people expect every business to have a website, but just having one is not enough. Standing out, gaining a customer’s attention and trust, and ultimately winning their business are important goals of every website.

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The Laws of Layout

Two important things to remember when designing your website are effective organization and easy navigation. Make sure the layout of your site is self explanatory and facilitates a simple path to important pages on your site including information about you, history of your company and examples of your work. Also, make sure fonts are easy to read and in colors that stand out and contrast against the background for good readability. Try not to use more than two different typefaces in a website because this makes a website look cluttered. Along those lines, choose a color scheme and then use this same set of tones across your whole site for consistency. Challenge yourself to keep the site as simple as possible, which can often be more difficult than you think.

Website Applications

Once you have the basic framework set up, think about some web applications that you would like to integrate into your site. Consider adding online booking where clients can book an appointment for a quote or initial meet and greet right from your website any time day or night. Utilize this helpful way to be efficient and client friendly on your website. Another thing to consider is integrating social media into your website with social plug-ins that allow website visitors to share a page on your site with their friends on Facebook. Whether you are advertising a special deal or discount, or posting a beautiful before and after image of your work, integrating this feature will allow your content to be shared more times.


Your website serves as a home base for your company on the internet, and you want to be sure to link from your main page to all the other places on the web where your company lives. Therefore your webpage should link to all your social media sites, as well as your review pages on Yelp or Angie’s list. Make sure to learn how contractors can claim and manage review sites so that they can effectively promote your company.

Mobile Version

Another thing to consider when building your website is to create a mobile version for people viewing from a smart phone. There are many services that will help you build a mobile version, some are free and others have a small monthly fee. Overall this has become increasingly important since a large percentage of people surf the web from a hand held device. When creating a mobile version, be sure to keep in mind your audience (people on the go) and limit the amount of text, keep the layout simple, and utilize white space for a cleaner, more sophisticated look. A few mobile website builders to check out are MoFuse, $7.95/mo, Mippin, a free option or MobiSiteGalore, $7.99 to start.

Website Content – Search Engine Optimization

Another important thing to remember when building a website is to make sure it appears in search engine results. There are many high level tricks to earning the top spot in a search engine, but a few basic tips can be a big help to a beginner. Start adding well written, helpful content on your webpage that people will want to share on social media. This will help your site gain credibility and generate more backlinks to your page. Be sure to include lots of keywords on your pages that people will be searching for, but place them inside well written content where it makes sense. Lastly, try and see if you can get links to your page from other websites, including suppliers you work with or other contractors.

Take the time to do these few things and you will have a leg up in search engine optimization and have a well designed and engaging website. A great website will help contractors generate new leads and prove their credibility.