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First off, do you understand why every solar, roof, window, or HVAC contractor should have a blog?

Having a great blog is the best way to get potential customers to discover your business online. Blogging a simple, low-cost marketing strategy which increases traffic to your website. It is also a great way to connect with customers, and to create good word-of-mouth for your home improvement contracting company.

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Have a Plan

Before you start your blog, decide what business goal you want the blog to support. Do you want to increase your customer base in a certain part of the city? Or do you want to start working on larger projects? Your blog should support that goal.

Also, before you start, take the time to create some goals just for the blog. Should the blog increase traffic to your website by 20% or 30%? Should three new customers a month find your business through your blog? Just like other sales and marketing tools, you want to track results. If you aren’t meeting the goals, you’ll know your home improvement blog needs some refining.

Create Great Content

Blogging is about providing helpful information to people. You want your blog to get picked up on searches.

Think about your own experience looking for information using the internet. Unless you know exactly what you are looking for, you probably don’t search for a business by name. Let’s say you are having an ant invasion in your home. Your first search might not be for exterminators, it is probably for “tips on getting rid of ants.”

When you create content, think about how you can help your customers. Make a list of the top ten questions prospective customers ask you, and start there.

Be Consistent

Good blogging is partly about original content, and partly about being reliable. When you create your marketing plan, include the blog posts as part of your action items. If you set the expectations with your customers that you will post weekly, you have to post weekly.

If you know that a weekly post is too much for you, you could also try posting monthly. The key is to be consistent.

You might considering hiring Marketing Intern or a Social Media expert. They can manage the details of your marketing plan for you.

Use Social Media

You can drive even more customers to your website by networking on social media websites: Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter, are all examples of social media. You don’t have to be everywhere, especially if you are the only person working on blog. Try picking one or two websites you already know, and focusing your efforts on them. Again, this might be a good place to hire a Marketing Intern or Social Media expert. Depending on how successful you are, marketing can be a full-time job.

Don’t Sell

This may seem counter-intuitive. But blogging isn’t necessarily about selling. Blog posts aren’t press releases or marketing flyer. Blog posts are for sharing facts and advice. You want to position your business as a place potential customers know they can trust. That way, when they are ready to put in that kitchen, they know they can call you.

Use your Strengths

How would your friends describe you? Are you funny? Are you reliable? Have you been in the industry for years, and have experience to share? The most interesting and engaging blogs are not necessarily the most well-written ones. Good blogs show the personality of the writer. If you are serious professional, don’t feel the need to put jokes into the blog because you feel it should be funny. Or if you consider yourself more of an artist, allow that to come across. If people relate to you, they will follow you.