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As a contractor, one of the most important parts of running your business is closing more sales. Unfortunately this is the hardest part for many contractors. Here are a few tips that can help you to get over this business hurdle.

Be Clear About What You Do

This tip may seem obvious, but there are many contractors who aren’t clear enough about their business offerings. For example, if you are a windows contractor, make that very clear with your website, business cards, and other branding. If you are a general contractor, make sure people know it. You don’t want to lose sales simply because your prospects weren’t clear on what your specialty is.

Learn All You Can About the Client’s Life and Needs

Not all prospects are going to be completely open with you. When you can, ask lots of questions. People will often talk about their needs or wants if asked and you can learn a lot by listening to what prospects talk about.

You want to find out everything about the project the client is looking to complete. Be ready to ask about it and dig deeper if you can. If your prospect is building a house, gently inquire about their family, kids, pets, and hobbies. If your prospect is remodeling their place of business, ask them more about what it is they do and what got them into whatever business they’re in.

Conversations like this may begin to make your prospects to feel more comfortable around you. This may also give you opportunities to recommend further plans, materials, or ideas that are tailored to the life or business they have described. Showcasing your ability to cater to their needs without sounding pushy can change prospects into clients.

Have a “Pitch”

While you don’t want to sound overly pushy, this is the time to toot your own horn a bit. If you cannot convince the prospect that you’re right for the job, you aren’t going to land it. So you should have a short but powerful list of things that you can share with a prospect that will highlight your best points.

If there are any materials and remodeling jobs that you are particularly well-versed in using, share that. This may also be a good time to explain why you prefer those materials or jobs and why they are the better fit for their particular situation. If you’ve been a part of any big projects, particularly ones that got a lot of publicity, such as businesses or big houses, mention that.

Having a short pitch that gives prospects a good idea of your expertise and why you’re best for the job is one of the fastest ways to close a sale.

Follow Up

Following up is simple, easy, and generally overlooked. Some contractors do not take the time to write down the contact information of a prospect and then follow up with them a week or so after the initial contact. Add regular follow-ups to your sales plan, and there is a good possibility you’ll start closing more sales.

There are a host of other tips you can use to start closing more sales and growing your business. Contact Home Improvement Leads for expert advice and tailored ways you can grow your business.