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​Gaining repeat business is a great way to grow your business revenue without investing in additional marketing. Here are some proven strategies to help retain clients and land additional projects from existing customers.

Put Customers At Ease

A good way to gain repeat business is to make the customer feel at ease with your work and the overall remodeling job. Sometimes people get stressed by the amount of clutter, noise, and debris that are left in the wake of demolition and tear-outs. Make sure to ease customers’ fears by telling them ahead of time about possible noise, dirt, and dust. Assure them that it’s all a part of the project and that it will all be cleaned up. Ensure customers that the quality of the finished job will make them forget all about the inconvenience while the project was underway.

Remember Your Customers

Make sure to keep very detailed notes about each remodeling job. Remember to write down things like how long they’ve been in their home, names of family members, or pets. Use these notes to make small talk with the customer when they invite you to work on their home. Making friendly conversation with the customer is a great way to build a lasting relationship. Make sure to update your notes with each conversation to keep current on your client’s information. Really listening to your customers makes them feel more at ease with you and your work, and will make them more likely to call on you in the future.

Be Unique

Doing something different for the customer that no one else does is a great way to make customers think of you in the future. Leave small gifts with the company logo or a thank you card in the finished project area. Also, be sure to thoroughly clean up the area after you finish your work - doing a little more than expected is always a great way to impress customers after the remodeling job is finished. Be creative and thoughtful so that customers will remember your company the next time they need remodeling work done.

Be Courteous

Finally, treat the customer with professional courtesy by not using foul language, telling rude jokes, and or engaging in overly-personal conversation. It’s good to build a friendly rapport with your customers, but it can be difficult to know where people draw the line between casual conversation and rudeness. Keep conversations friendly and neutral to ensure no one gets offended.

Using the above tips can help a remodeling company stay in the minds of their customers long after the job is done. When customers remember you, they’ll be more likely to call on you in the future. Having this repeat customer base is essential to keep company revenues flowing.

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