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contractor voicemail follow up

It is important to be quick to respond to leads as a contractor but chances are good that you’ll frequently be asked to leave a voicemail when you’re calling on customers. And, when your customer gets around to listening to your messages, you may be competing with several other messages left for your busy client, including messages from your competitors, messages about work, family, medical appointments and a myriad of other things that keep us all on the go. So how do you get your message across in a manner that increases your likelihood of a call back and the potential to land a lucrative contract? Following are a few tips to follow when speaking to the voicemail of a customer.

The Timing of Your Call

Believe it or not, most people don’t want to return a contractor’s call at 5 p.m. on a Friday. They’re mind is on the weekend. Calling late on a Friday or early on a busy Monday reduces the chance of your call being returned. Try to make your calls around mid-morning Tuesday-Thursday when routines are more settled. Also, never call your client outside of acceptable hours. You don’t want to bother than later in the evening when they are enjoying family time or early in the morning when they’re in a rush to get out the door. Calling at inappropriate times is a guaranteed method of annoying your client.

Keep it Short

Your client doesn’t need to hear, via voicemail, every detail that you’d like to discuss. Too much information without the ability to ask questions can be overwhelming and frustrating, so when you leave a message, quickly hit the highlights and let your client know you can give additional information when you can speak in person. Keep it short and simple – the goal is to get a call back, not make a sale.

Be Personal

There’s no reason to be formal with your client. You want a friendly, positive relationship. When you leave a message, mention only your first name and your place of business. Keeping your messages personal helps you to build relationships with your clients – and people do business with contractors they trust. But do follow this rule of thumb: Always repeat your name and phone number twice to help out a client who might be scrambling for a pen to jot down your information.

Vary Your Messages

Despite their busy lives, a prospective client will know that you’re reading from a script when they hear your voicemail, so make sure to vary your messages and add a little personality. How you come across to a client can make or break a relationship, so make certain they know you’re sincere and helpful. If you sound stiff and overly prepared, the client may make the choice to go with someone more genuine. All of your messages should be original, and with only that client in mind. It’s unfortunate that we spend so much time talking to voicemail, but in today’s hectic world, it’s unavoidable. When your initial point of contact is with a recording, you may have to work a little harder to get a return phone call and land the sale. But following a few simple rules can help set you apart and make you more memorable. It is recommended that you add these strategies to leave voicemail messages with these tips to convert more leads into sales.