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Contractor Social Media

The social internet has exploded over the past few years, and Americans spend an average of 37 minutes daily on social media. These sites also provide a great way for business owners to connect with customers and market themselves online. While using new, unfamiliar sites can seem daunting at first, experimenting is a helpful place to begin.


Facebook, the most popular social platform, is a great place to start with social media. First create a business page and link it to your official website, encouraging people to ‘like’ your company on Facebook. Then on your page put pictures of your work, biographical information, and your company logo and history. As you begin building a following you should start posting regularly. You want to keep a constant stream of content on the page so that you stay engaged with your customers and build relationships with them.

On Facebook you can promote special deals, offer discounts and run contests. These will all help boost the number of page likes and drive traffic to both your Facebook page and official website. You can also run polls with questions such as “What is your home remodeling project resolution for 2014?” Use Facebook to answer questions about home improvement projects and give helpful responses to your customers. This encourages people to start engaging on your page and actively posting.

If you have a marketing budget and would like to utilize some of the paid features on Facebook you can use Facebook Ads. Set a daily budget and only pay when someone likes your page, or clicks on your ad for a simple and cost effective way to start paid advertising.


Twitter, another great social media option, requires a slightly different strategy. Twitter posts are smaller 140 character “tweets” that show up on the newsfeed of people who follow you. As a result, picture posts with one line of text are great for twitter, as are short updates about your business or local area. Twitter creates a more ongoing, flowing conversation with people each contributing a sentence or two. Use Twitter to promote content from your Facebook page such as your contest and polls, and for shorter posts. You can also follow and connect to local businesses in your area, and other contractors that you may work with from time to time.


Pinterest embodies a different social media concept with pages made up of pictures only, almost like an online bulletin board. This works great for a home improvement company or contractor because before and after images are powerful promotional tools. With Pinterst you can easily create a page with a large array of pictures depicting your quality work. People will then “re-pin” your images to their wall and it will be seen over and over. Use Pinterest to not only showcase your work, but also highlight to potential customers what could be possible in their home and encourage new projects from repeat clients.


YouTube, a video content site, has a different array of advantages and possibilities. By creating a YouTube “channel” you can post and organize in one place videos of various lengths and make the entire channel available to viewers and link to your website. This would be a great place to show video tours of homes you have remodeled, video reviews from customers discussing their experience working with your company, and even an intro video with you talking about your company, mission, and values.

Social Media Must Know Facts

With so many different social media sites to manage, make your life easier by utilizing a social media management site that can help you monitor and stay up to date with all of your online marketing. Some good options to check out are HootSuite, SproutSocial, and Buffer. These sites allow you to manage multiple social networks, schedule updates and analyze the traffic you are generating.

Take the opportunity in 2014 to make using social media effectively a priority!

The main point of social media should be to drive traffic to your contractor website, check out why it’s important to have a contractor remodeling website.