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If you’re a contractor, one thing you have to do is talk to people on the phone. This is how most of your jobs are scheduled. So in many cases, there’s no way to avoid voicemails. Leaving the right kind of messages may have more impact on your business than you realize. While you don’t have to be a professional phone salesman, it definitely helps if you leave messages that leave a positive impression. Read on to learn about our favorite, most effective tips for leaving a good voicemail every single time.

1. Call at Convenient Times

When you call potential customers, don’t call at odd or inconvenient hours. Avoid making calls too early in the morning or late in the evening. You should also keep in mind the widely followed business rule to not make calls Monday morning or Friday afternoon. People tend to be distracted at these times and not in the mood to discuss projects. This still leaves many good times to call.

2. Keep the Message Short and Focused

When you leave a message, get right to the point of your call. Explain what you do and how you can help them. Another tip to keep in mind is that it’s best to mention your name or company’s name at both the beginning and end of the call. This ensures that this crucial information will be heard even if the message gets cut off. Keep the message as short as you can.

3. Mention Any Referrals

Many people consider referrals before deciding to hire someone. This is a way of pre-qualifying yourself, so if someone has referred you to the person you’re calling, make sure you mention this person’s name. This will give you more credibility than if its seems you’re just calling out of the blue.

4. Make it Easy For People to Call You Back

When leaving a voicemail, your goal is to get the prospect to call you back. Aside from keeping the call brief and focused, be sure to state your name and phone number clearly at the end of the message. Don’t restrict the day or time when the person should call you back, as this is making things more difficult. Finally, don’t say that you’ll call them back later, as this provides them with an excuse not to return your call.

5. Practice by Recording Your Voice

If you want to improve the way your voicemails sound, practice using a recording device. When you play back your voice, you will have an idea how it sounds to other people. You may find that you’re talking too quickly or that not all the words can be heard distinctly. It’s almost always possible to improve your speaking voice with a little practice.

Now that you have perfected your voicemail skills, make sure you know how to give a great first impression of your contractor business.