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As a contractor, “Before” and “After” photos are the best way to show potential clients the quality of your work and expertise with certain home improvement projects. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and when your job is turning a home from frumpy to fabulous, people want to see proof you are up to the challenge. Your website is a great place to house a large array of images demonstrating your work. Follow these helpful suggestions to get the most out of your website image library.

Camera Quality

Although almost every phone on the market today has a camera, these are not the cameras you should be using to take your professional photos. Make sure you have a quality digital camera to use when snapping “Before” and “After” photos so your work looks as good as possible. If you do not have a camera, consider renting one or hiring a professional photographer to showcase your work with high quality images for the web.

Tell the Story of Transformation

“Before” and “After” photos should tell the story of a transformation. Therefore, be sure to capture the initial image before you start working and your machinery and equipment clutters up the space. Then take the time to document each step so your website visitors will be able to see the change happen before their eyes. The “After” picture should showcase the beautiful finished project. If you take the pictures yourself be sure to take into account natural lighting and know when to use flash to stage an attractive photo.

before and after photos

Photo Descriptions

Once you load the pictures on your website make sure to include descriptions below them to explain the context of the image. The descriptions should be informative and explain what stage of the process is being shown so the viewer understands. Also, because Google indexes photos, having titles will help with search engine optimization for your site overall. As you add descriptions to your images, explain the step by step transformation so potential clients see the care and detail put into your work. In essence you are showing people your quality and skill instead of just telling them, making these images powerful marketing tools.

Layout, Navigation & Number

Layout, navigation and number of photos are important issues to consider when creating your website image library. You want to design the page in a way that makes sense and highlights the visuals. The layout should be easy to navigate, and pictures should enlarge when clicked on so they can be seen up close. Consider organizing your images by project or trade so potential clients can find what they are looking for. Also, make sure you do not overwhelm your page with too many images; keep it professional, not cluttered.

The Big Picture

Overall, visuals are very important to have on your website and “Before” and “After” photos are a great way as a contractor to display your work and convert website visitors to customers. Images are also easily shared to social media sites such as Facebook or Pinterest, so a favorite picture can take on a life of its own and increase visitors to your site through promotion on social media. Take the time to build a quality image library and your investment will definitely pay off long term.

Before and after remodeling photos establish credibility, need more tips on establishing credibility for your home remodeling business?