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A website is a powerful tool, but what makes a website most effective is the content on it. Having great images and written content on your website will drive people to your page and turn one time visitors into consistent viewers. Starting a blog is a great way to include quality content on your website and help with search engine optimization, business credibility and online marketing effectiveness.

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Blog to Market Your Skills

Although a website may explain your background and show reviews from clients, it is more effective to show instead of tell that you are an expert in your field. Include a blog on your website and write about home improvement topics to show potential clients your wide knowledge and skill set. Blog about previous projects you have completed, special techniques you know how to do and various trends and changes in the industry to demonstrate you are on the cutting edge of your field. Post before and after images that showcase your work from start to finish and show you can take on any project. Learn more here about tips for taking effective before and after images for your blog. You can also blog about home improvement project trends, new products you have in stock, special offers you are running and even DIY tips for smaller household projects.

Blog to Connect with Customers

Connecting with customers is another great reason to blog on your website. Enable comments below your blog to allow people to comment on posts, ask questions, and start a conversation. Connecting and building relationships with past, present and future customers is essential for the strength of your business and to encourage referrals and repeat customers. Use the blog as a way for people to get to know and trust you because this will translate into more customers who want you for their home improvement project. Every time you write a new blog be sure to post it on all company social media pages to increase visitors and readers. Link your online content together so every site promotes the others and you get the most out of your online presence.

Blog to Help with Search Engine Optimization

Posting quality written content on your website significantly increases search engine optimization (SEO). Long blog posts about home improvement projects will include many of the key words customers search for when looking for a contractor. These key words embedded inside quality written content makes your website more likely to appear in Google search results. Work to build links from your blog posts that connect to other pages on your website, and make sure to update your site consistently to help your site appear at the top of search results.

Monetized Blog

If you start a blog and it becomes very successful with a high number of page views every day, you have the opportunity to make money from your blog. Your blog can become a platform for advertisements and other companies may pay to guest post on your site. Many people make their living from successful blogs so this could be a way to add a new stream of revenue to your company.

Blogging provides many advantages and opportunities for your company, and all you need is a little time and creativity to make it successful. Although getting started can often be the hardest step, make it a goal this year to expand your website to include content that functions effectively for your business.