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Effective marketing strategies are essential for building a successful home improvement company. Although lead generation may not be your favorite aspect of running your business, generating interest in your business can be accomplished by implementing a few simple strategies that can be enjoyable for everyone. Instead of focusing on cold-calls and hard-sells, here are six easy ways to get potential customers interested in the services you have to offer and drive your company’s growth.

Set Up a Trade Show Booth

Home improvement trade shows draw large crowds filled with homeowners who are looking for new ideas. By setting up a trade show booth, you can get valuable face time with potential customers and you can show off the services you have to offer. Be sure to include offers for free estimates or a sweepstakes that can be used to gather the information you need for contacting your new leads.

Host a Contest

Setting up a contest is another effective way to get customers excited about a home improvement project. Consider hosting a “best backyard kitchen” photo contest that will encourage potential customers to sign up using their contact information. To maximize the benefits of your contests, include a voting option that will encourage participants to send their friends and family to your website so they can enter their email address and vote.

Create a Canvassing Team

In the past, door-to-door sales calls were a classic method used for lead generation. Now, canvassing can be taken to an entirely new level by creating a team that can utilize real-time social events for networking in which they meet others with an interest in home improvement projects. Online, your canvassing team can use social media posts to set up links for others to spread the word about your home improvement business.

Focus on Slow Seasons

Every successful contractor knows that there are always certain times of the year when sales drop off. Generally, the holidays and winter are slow seasons when people shy away from home renovations. Whether they are worried about having their kitchen torn apart during holiday entertaining or they are concerned about their budget, offering special deals and assuring prompt completion of all projects can entice customers to go ahead and get started on their project.

Follow-Up with Past Customers

When a project is done well, you should have a customer for life. However, they may need a reminder that your company is always ready to tackle their next project. When following-up with past customers, be sure to ask them if they have a friend or neighbor who may be interested in your services. Offering specials for referrals is another way to encourage word-of-mouth marketing.

Get Help From an Expert

Getting help from lead generation experts takes the hard work of generating leads out of the equation. Our Home Improvement lead generation experts make sure you receive qualified, quality leads daily. We provide quality home improvement leads in a host of practice areas designed to grow your business. We do the door knocking for you. All you have to do is pick up the phone and make the call.

Although any one of these methods will be effective for generating interest in your business, it is best to use several for maximum results. When marketing, be sure to have fun and let your enjoyment of the home improvement business shine through. By demonstrating your commitment to quality and professional expertise, you will get customers excited about improving their home while gaining valuable information that will drive sales.