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If you’re in the home improvement business, we’re sure you know how powerful word of mouth is. One happy customer can talk you up so much that their friends call you to have the same thing or something similar done to their home. That’s a huge compliment and a fantastic way to get new business. The problem is that it’s limited, so it should never be relied on to be your main source of business. So how exactly will potential customers find you such that there’s a constant stream of new business? It’s all about lead generation, baby. You might be invisible without it. Also, homeowners are more willing to spend on solar leads than ever before!

Also called a referral, a lead is a person who is interested in hiring you to do work for them. Leads allow you to skip cold-calling, advertising, or waiting on that satisfied customer from two months ago to recommend you to their friend. When a lead comes to you, you have the confidence of knowing that they’re interested in what you offer. Still, it’s not a guaranteed deal — it’s up to you to contact the referral, follow up with them if they don’t answer or say it’s not a good time, and ultimately close the deal. Getting leads is like being shown where to dig for buried treasure. If you act quickly and use best practices, you could get the gold, but if you’re too slow, somebody else is going to get there before you do.

Lead generation companies like Home Improvement Leads specialize in connecting homeowners seeking to have work done with contractors seeking new customers. We generate leads. Typically, leads are priced individually and it’s up to you to decide how many you want to get. It’s important for you to understand what these referrals are, though. They’re people who have shown that they are interested in a service you perform. This does not necessarily mean that every single lead will turn into a sale, but if you follow our guidelines, you’re going to see a return on your investment.

Some referrals will say no after talking with you, because that’s just the way it goes. They may have just been curious, or they may be planning on getting the work done at a later time and are only in the beginning stages of the project. You can’t please everyone, and being angry about it is only going to make you look foolish and demanding. If you can take a “no” graciously and tell them to look you up if there is ever a point when they can use you, you’re doing great. Word of mouth will still work this way, as they might refer you to a friend because you were pleasant and helpful on the phone.

Lead generation is absolutely essential for the success of your contracting business, and Home Improvement Leads prides itself on helping contractors succeed by getting leads and growing their business.