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lead follow ups For a contractor and business owner, creating a constant flow of incoming customers can be a challenge, as can generating an increase in business when you decide to grow and expand. Working with a lead generation service can be a great way to improve your marketing effectiveness and connect with perspective clients in your area. Once you have signed up to work with a lead gen company, the next step is to develop a plan to effectively pursue the leads and turn them into appointments and jobs. There has been a great deal of research done on how to effectively contact and convert leads and the best practices to make you successful. Follow these 4 C’s for lead gen effectiveness.

Call the Homeowner

With email and texting there are many ways to contact someone today, but talking to them on the phone is still the most effective way to make a sale. Sending an email or a text message can be helpful in addition to a phone call, but these forms of communication are easy to ignore and can get lost among other digital messages. Dialing a phone number and having a real conversation with your perspective client is important to make the sale. Put a plan in place for making calls throughout the week at peak high contact hours 4-5pm, 2-3pm or 8-9pm and on the best contact days Thursday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

Contact the Homeowner

Studies show that 78% of prospects convert with the first party that contacts them. Leads also convert 22 times more often if contact is made in the first 5 minutes. As a result make it a goal to call your leads as soon as possible, or designate a sales person responsible for following up on all leads so you will get the most out of you lead gen service. Often you will not make contact on the first call. An average lead requires over 5 attempts to make contact. 40% of leads eventually do convert with long term follow-up, so be sure to keep contact information and follow up later if a customer is not ready to complete the project at the present time. Results are a direct reflection of effort when it comes to following up on leads. Do not give up until you contact your lead and hear a definitive yes, no or maybe from each person.

Conversation is Key

After contacting your prospective customer, the first conversation is key to turning your lead into an appointment. During the first call make sure to include qualifying information about your business that demonstrates your credibility. Mention awards you have won, special accreditation or certifications you have, and company star ratings. This makes customers feel comfortable and confident in your skills and expertise. Send clients to your website to check out before and after images of your work and read reviews from previous customers. Read more here for tips on creating an effective contractor website. Mention current specials and deals you are offering to encourage the customer to complete their project now versus later. Anything you can do to increase the urgency in your sales conversation will help turn the lead into a job.

Convert the Lead

Converting your lead from a call into an appointment and then into a job is the important progression each lead should take to make your marketing plan successful. The conversion will ultimately culminate with your one on one appointment. When meeting the potential customer, be sure to bring a copy of your license and registration if applicable and a few references for the client to look at if they would like. Also be sure to be on time, processional and make the homeowner feel comfortable and at ease by answering all their questions. Understand the value of providing top quality customer service 100% of the time to make your business successful and encourage repeat customers, referrals, and an outstanding company reputation.

Learn from Other Industries

Contractors are not the only professionals who need to have effective leads response. Using ideas and techniques from other industries such as the insurance industry can often put you ahead of the competition. Here are some tips from the insurance industry:

Internet Leads Infographic Infographic provided by: Insurance Leads Guide