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Lead generation can be a great way to grow your company and expand. Leads are only effective, however, if you can convert them into appointments and jobs to make revenue for your business. Employing various strategies to increase conversion rates will boost the success of your lead gen marketing strategy and help reach target marketing goals. Improving conversion rates should be a primary goal for your business, and having the tools to accomplish this will set your company apart.

Know Your Goal

Once you receive a generated lead and begin the process of reaching out, keep your main goal in mind at all times. If the goal is to convert the lead into a job, then this needs to be the focus in an aggressive, well thought out conversion strategy. Have a system in place that determines how to work a lead until you finally reach a dead end, or sign the customer. For example, plan to call 3 times a day for 4 days, or 2 times a day for 5 days at certain times. An organized plan of attack will help you make contact with a lead more effectively.

Know Your Customer

Once you are on the phone with a lead, or in front of them in an appointment, knowing and understanding your customer becomes essential for the sales process. In the area of home improvement, most customers have similar concerns, questions, worries and expectations that differ from customers in other fields. Understand what makes your customers different and unique so you can cater your sales pitch specifically to their needs and increase conversion rates. Because contractors often work in people’s homes, customers may have trust or quality concerns, and want to know specifics about your experience, background and certifications. Being prepared at all times for theses roadblocks with effective strategies to overcome them will make you more successful.

Know Your Product

When talking to a potential customer, sounding knowledgeable about your field and industry will help convert more leads. Make sure to stay up to date with the latest advances in home improvement materials and techniques so you can offer the best advice and assistance to people. This can go a long way when clients are assessing whether you are the best contractor to complete a job. Have a website where you post before and after images of your work and blog about home improvement topics that showcase your knowledge and skills to help customers feel confident in your company.

Follow Up

Follow up with a customer during the lead response process as well as after a job is completed to help improve customer service and increase referrals. Set in place standardized follow-up procedures for every customer, to make sure your level of customer service remains consistent across the board. This will help not only convert leads initially, but also create more leads in the future with referrals and positive customer feedback.

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Test, Analyze, Improve

Constantly test, analyze and work to improve conversation strategies to increase the rate of leads turned into jobs. Keep track of phone conversations, different sales approaches and conversations, and remember to have quick lead response times so you can analysis these metrics and create a set of best practices for your company. Evaluating data over time will give you the ability to make positive changes based on observations from the front line of your business.