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​The holiday season can be a tough time for contractors who are looking for consistent job volume. This happens because more often than not, homeowners don’t want to start home improvement projects during the colder holiday months. Here are a few tips for getting more home improvement work during slow seasons to ensure a sustainable income.

Diversify your Skillset

Develop a new skill and branch out. If your home-improvement specialization is limited to one type of contract work, start developing skills in other areas too. This will help you get more work where you might have missed out and supplement your income with work that stays in demand year around. For example, learn a skill that is in demand seasonally, so that more doors are opened for you when your primary work is in the off season.

Expand your Geographic Area

Temporarily expand your coverage area. Some places are temperate in certain areas no matter the season, and you may find guaranteed work in those cities. For example, some areas of your home state or neighboring state could have a more temperate climate during the winter and can provide year-round work thanks to sunny skies and warmer weather throughout the entire year.

Market Yourself

Put yourself out there. Make connections whenever and wherever you can. This will ensure that you get as much word-of-mouth going as possible. There are plenty of ways to tell others about your business. Look for leads and advertisement opportunities. This will help you reach out to your community for more effective marketing.

Cater to the Needs of Your Community

If you live in a snowy area, offer preparation services for the snowy season. Snow can inflict huge damages to housing structures that wouldn’t otherwise be affected. Offer to fix problems such as holes, gaps and patches that need filling. This will help your clients have a more efficient home during the cold months, and it could prevent roof cave-ins from piles of snow building up.

Stay Certified

Get your certification and stay certified. This can help people choose you over the contractor who doesn’t have a certification to work as a contractor. If you have the credentials, you are more likely to get a steady stream of work and pay. This is a huge part of staying in business even during the off season and also reflects positively on your business.

Follow up with Previous Clients

Calls to previous clients can be a good way to get in extra revenue during the off season. You may also offer to give them discounts and deals for doing jobs during the off season. This will get them to thinking about their home-improvement needs, and they will be more likely to hire you. Even if they don’t hire you, your name will be in their mind for calling the next time they need someone.

It isn’t always easy to get jobs during a slow season. It can take a toll on your financial stability. These tips should help you get more work during slow seasons so that you can maintain your financial security.

Another great way to get more customers during slow seasons for your remodel business is to contact past prospects.