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​As the weather gets colder and winter starts to settle in, homeowners are thinking about getting their home ready for the weather to come. Most homeowners only have the budget for one or two remodeling projects, so it is always a good idea to have several of the top projects in mind when talking to homeowners who want to have work done during those cold, dark months of winter.

Interior Painting

The winter months are an ideal time to get interior painting done in rooms that need a new look. While the weather is dreary and dull on the outside, a homeowner can start brightening up the inside of his or her home with a new coat of paint. With winter lasting several months, it opens up the possibility of working on several rooms for the season.

New Flooring

Whether a homeowner wants wall to wall carpet or hardwood floors, the ideal time to install them is during the winter. The one exception may be resurfacing hardwood floors as the dust may be a bit too much to handle in the winter months. With resurfacing, it is easier to contain the room and then open the windows and doors to allow the dust to escape. But winter is the ideal time for putting down new carpet or installing a hardwood floor in a high traffic area.

New Crown Molding

When homeowners make plans for remodeling during the summer months, those plans will often get set aside for family trips and backyard barbeques. One of the more popular projects that gets discussed in the summer is putting up crown molding in various rooms around the home. The winter time is the perfect time to get that crown molding put in and change the look of any room. This is the ideal kind of project to team up with an interior painting project to get a completely new look for any home.

Resurfacing Kitchen Cabinets And Counter Tops

Instead of buying brand new kitchen cabinets, it is easier and cheaper to resurface the ones that are already installed. The same goes for the kitchen counter tops that may be a little worse for the wear. A professional contractor can make suggestions as to what kinds of colors and materials can be used to give any kitchen an inexpensive but effective makeover.

New Ceilings

One of the reasons that installing a new ceiling in the winter months is a good idea is because it gives the homeowner a chance to compare the heat in the house before the new ceilings and after they are installed. A lower ceiling will save money on heating bills and that is always something welcomed by a homeowner. These days, decorative drop ceilings make it even easier to install a new ceiling quickly and effectively.

The winter months do not have to be a time when contractors are not busy. With the right suggestions, a homeowner can start to see the benefits of bringing in a contractor during the winter months to get interior projects done that can increase a home’s value and change the home’s look as well.

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