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Regular communication with your customers can help you form lasting relationships and keep your business growing. Today, there are many online options available for customer contact, including email newsletters. These newsletters offer an attractive package to help you reach your customers without spending a small fortune on your marketing.

Bulk Communication in an Instant

Email newsletters give you a reliable way to talk to a large group of your customers at once. Although social media networks are popular, some computer users choose not to use these platforms. However, most Internet users do have an email address that they check frequently. With a few clicks, you can instantly connect with these users.

Custom Emails

Unlike Twitter or Facebook, email newsletters allow you to create a custom message for specific groups of customers. For example, you can create a special welcoming email just for new subscribers. You can release a special VIP newsletter to give your best customers access to extra services or loyalty discounts. Finally, you can also tailor a special email to reach out to former customers; a little extra attention can turn a former customer into a current customer.

Custom Presentation

Social media networks have their uses, but you’re restricted to the formatting used by the networks when presenting your message. An email newsletter gives you more freedom to design your newsletter. You can easily use custom fonts, include special backgrounds, and place your images exactly where you want them, unhindered by artificial restraints.

Inexpensive Advertising

Unlike print newsletters, email newsletters are much cheaper to produce. Although you may choose to spend some money on software to manage and format your newsletter, you won’t need to worry about printing and mailing costs each time you want to connect with your customers. You can easily scale up the number of customers that you contact without increasing your advertising budget.

Name Recognition

Even if your customers don’t read every word in your newsletter, they will get used to seeing your company’s name in their inbox. Frequent exposure to your company’s name will make you synonymous with contractors. When your customers are ready to hire a contractor, your name recognition will ensure that you’re on their list of potential contractors.

More Traffic for Your Website

Placing links to your website throughout your newsletter can drive traffic back to your company’s website. For example, you can place a link to a page on your website featuring testimonials from satisfied customers. A notice about a particular project could link back to your website’s description of that project.

Email newsletters can help you get the most out of your advertising dollars. By crafting a polished and focused email newsletter, you can drive traffic to your company’s website and increase your annual revenue.

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