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For contractors who are committed to creating an online presence, blogging is a fundamental and proven method of generating organic traffic and developing solid customer relationships. And for those business owners who benefit from providing visuals, photoblogging offers an additional level of value to potential customers. This method of blogging is especially helpful to contractors and home improvement professionals. When you go to work tomorrow, make sure you don’t leave your camera at home. If your camera and smartphone are one in the same, even better - just remember to snap photos of your in-progress work and completed jobs.

Pictures paint a thousand words

While it’s important to offer fresh content to new and returning website visitors, quality photographs offer a critical balance to any blog, especially blogs that focus on products and services that rely on detailed illustrations to deliver valuable information. A talented author is able to use written content in order to illustrate and explain. Readers, however, are more apt to focus on quick snippets of text that are accompanied by detailed photographs. This allows website visitors the ability to consume information on the fly and have a clear idea of the product or service represented on the site.

Not all business owners are writers

While business owners rarely write their own content, it’s important that a blog reflects the business as closely as possible. For contractors and home improvement professionals who simply don’t have the time or ability to write lengthy blog posts, photoblogging is the perfect solution for creating content that truly represents the particular business.

Photoblogs are easy to manage

For busy contractors, photoblogging is the perfect way to build a powerful web presence without burning the candle at both ends. It requires minimal effort, little or no investment in equipment, and blogs can easily be updated during the course of the work day. For contractors and home improvement professionals who own a digital camera, smartphone, or tablet, taking photographs and short video requires no addition investment in equipment. Project photographs can be uploaded on the fly, and blogs and social media sites can be updated almost immediately.

Photoblogging is a powerful sales tool

A series of photographs can easily become a powerful sales tool. For contractors who specialize in kitchen remodeling for example, taking progress photos as the project unfolds is the perfect way to familiarize potential customers with the entire process. Essentially, a photoblog is a portfolio that is always growing and evolving. It gives readers detailed insight in regards to what they might expect when they commit to a renovation or remodel.

Photographs are easy to share

Contractors who are active photobloggers are providing material for readers to share on social media sites. Images are much more portable than written content, and photographs on a blog can easily be shared across multiple platforms. This amounts to free marketing for business owners, and a chance to build a client list by simply sharing a single photograph. For construction and home improvement projects that are in progress or have been completed, photoblogging will engage readers and keep them returning for more visual information.

When you have quality contractor photographs, you’ll have a huge remodeling social media following.