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It seems like just about everybody has a blog, ranging in topics from home decor and remodeling, to Harry Potter, all the way to pugs. You name it, there’s a blog about it. But does your contracting business have a blog? If not, you’re missing out on an easy way to promote your company, show off your work and expertise, and attract new customers. Read on to find out some of our favorite reasons why you should have a blog.

It's time to get a blog.
It’s time to get a blog.

1. It’s fun

Having a blog is just plain fun — it’s your spot to be creative, sound off on your favorite topics, and even use it to spotlight some of your staff members. The more fun you have with it, the better your posts will be.

2. It makes you an expert

Posting valuable, interesting content about your industry will put you ahead of your competition and help potential customers see you for the very talented and knowledgeable expert you are. Focus each one of your posts on a specific topic that relates to what you do, or you could even answer some of the best questions you’ve been asked by homeowners.

3. It’s part of your branding

Having a regularly updated blog is one of the best ways to elevate your branding efforts. A blog brings credibility, something essential to attracting business. And simply stated, it makes your company seem human.

4. It’s a portfolio

A blog is the perfect spot to showcase your work, whether it be a project in progress or a completed job. Your customers will be delighted to see you’ve proudly posted about their fabulous kitchen remodel, while potential customers will get to see a recent example of your terrific work.

5. It’s a way to connect with homeowners

We’ve already pointed out that blogs make companies seem human, so of course they’re a great way to connect with homeowners. Your blog can be the place your clients and potential customers go to have their questions answered, again making you the authority on the industry. Eventually you can expect to get comments on your posts, which give you valuable marketing intelligence.

6. It’s shareable

If you have a Facebook or Twitter account for your contracting business, those are the perfect places to share new blog posts with your followers and fans.

7. It helps you keep up with trends

Regularly updating a blog will require thought and a little bit of research, and in doing so you should expect to come across new ideas and trends that you may not know much about or haven’t even heard of. This is the perfect opportunity to keep up with your industry’s trends and step up your game as a leader in your field.

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