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How Success Stories Can Get You More Leads

As a small business owner, leads are a pivotal way to increase your business to a higher level. Regardless of whether your company is on the ground floor and just getting started, or your business plan is firmly set in place and you’re now taking the next step to increase your business, you’ve got to have the sales to back you up.

Importance of Success Stories

Ask yourself how many times you’ve chosen a product or service based on its positive customer reviews. Whether it’s on a forum, social media page, company website, or word-of-mouth, making a choice based on another person’s positive experience happens every day. Success stories are untapped resources that you can use to generate leads and draw in new customers.

Tapping into the Marketing Aspect of Success Stories

Along with a business plan, your marketing plan is the next vital piece to lead you to the road to success. Marketing is comprised of many components including reading materials, brochures, and online presence, flyers, and sales events, as well as attending networking and business conferences.

If you have a business website, blog, or social media page, you already understand the power of posts by current customers expounding on the great service they received. When posts are “liked” or “shared” your business becomes available to an unlimited number of potential customers. So why not take advantage of information provided by current customers? It’s free!

Generating Sales Based on Positive Customer Feedback

Think of reviews as leverage, plain and simple. In the world of competitive business, any edge you have at your disposal is worth the investment. What better way to promote your services than through an actual customer’s experience?

This is where customer reviews of your company come into play. With a few simple questions and careful thought to placement, success stories can pave the way to more leads.

Here are some remodeling contractor marketing tips to improve your customer’s experience.

Tips for Creating Engaging Stories

A must-have on your list of marketing tools should be an up-to-date email list or phone numbers of former customers. The next step is using the contact information to follow up with these customers. This is where you have additional opportunities to thank the customer for their business and get feedback on their experience using your company, as well as laying the groundwork for future work. For current customers, you’ll want to follow up as soon as possible for their input.

To use their feedback as success stories for your business, take advantage of your contact list to the maximum. Whether you’re contacting former or current customers, when you make contact, you’ll want to have a series of interview questions to ask about their experience with your company such as:

· How would you rate your overall experience?

· Did our service thoroughly addressed your needs?

· Would you use our company again?

· Would you recommend us to your friends, family, or co-workers?

· Do you feel that we went above and beyond your expectations?

With this valuable feedback in hand, you can share it in your business materials, website, and social media pages to attract prospective customers.

The end goal is simply to attract more leads. After reading success stories about your company from actual customers, prospective clients will feel more confident and trusting that your company can handle their particular needs.

Benefits to Your Company

With the incorporation of success stories into your marketing plan, you’ll come away with benefits that will build your company. These include:

· Success stories highlight your company’s quality and attention to detail.

· Positive customer service. With great customer service you can put your remodeling clients minds at ease.

· Significant credibility when shared by actual customers.

· The ability for potential customers to know what to expect.

· A visual endorsement of your company.

· A way to attract more customers.

Creating Top-Notch Success Stories

Once you have the information, you’ll need to convert it into visual reading material. If you’re website savvy and can write a professional review using the customer’s story, do so. If not, hire a professional freelance writer. Familiarize the writer with your company’s services, goals, and mission along with the customer’s feedback.

It may be necessary to have the writer contact the customer for an actual interview. If you’ve made contact with the customer, ask if they would be willing to be part of a short interview so the writer can ask additional questions or verify the information they have. The more information you have for the writer to work with, the better the written copy will be.

Review the copy carefully prior to any publication, slideshow, or presentation to ensure there are no errors.

Placement of Success Stories

Success stories need to be placed where they’ll be seen and have the most effect.

· When you give a potential customer an estimate, include a page outlining customer success stories.

· Post the stories on your company website where they are easily found.

· Post stories to your company’s social media page.

Remember, posts are shared and you want as much positive customer exposure as possible.

· If you run advertisements, include a few of the best stories.

· Have a copy available to share with potential customers.

When you take the time to show potential customers the benefits of your service through real-life success stories, it shows you are proud of the work your company provides and that you’re invested in doing the best job possible.

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