With over 6 million leads generated by Home Improvement Leads last year, we’re confident we can provide the lead volume you need. Increase the number of leads distributed to your account with these recommendations:

  • Expand Geographic Area

    A larger geographic area = a larger pool of potential customers. There’s no need to limit yourself to leads from your immediate location; homeowners shopping for home improvement services online are already predisposed to doing business over the internet.

  • Add Trades

    What other leads can you take? If you do windows, can you take siding leads as well? How about roofing leads? If you do HVAC installation, can you take HVAC repair leads as well? We have filters for several remodeling options from kitchen or bath to first floor to detached additions. Home Improvement Leads can help you launch new trades by providing immediate leads without a big advertising campaign.

  • Focus on Nights and Weekends

    Competition on weekend leads is significantly lower than during the week. If you want to expand your business, hire or assign someone to work the weekend leads with the speed and diligence that they require and you will see immediate results.

  • Contact Your HIL Support Team

    When in doubt, please reach out to our industry leading support team for help. Our marketing consultants can help you strategize as well map out how many leads you need to accomplish the goals you have established. Call us at (888) 565-1613 or email support@homeimprovementleads.com.