Where do leads come from?

Unlike other lead generation companies, Home Improvement Leads does not use any lists to provide leads. All of our homeowners have taken an action or multiple actions to get their information to our contractors largely though paid search, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising and through our dynamic and seasoned marketing program.

How is the homeowner information verified?

Homeowner information is verified in real time using the same system that the CIA uses to verify information. When a homeowner enters his/her information into one of our landing pages, it is instantly confirmed (or rejected and then never distributed) and sent to contractors within seconds.

How do leads come to specific contractors?

Contractors determine their own lead filters in a pre-signup conversation including territory, trade(s), delivery options (text, email, fax) as well as number of leads per day/week. Leads are distributed in real time. If there are no matches for a lead, then the lead is rejected- nothing is stored in hopes that a contractor will be active in the near future.

How many times are our leads sold?

Leads are sold up to a total of four times. Contractors who are not prepared to compete for business will not be a good match for working in lead generation.

What expectations should I have for working with Home Improvement Leads?

Setting realistic expectations is critical to working with online lead generation. Clients utilizing best practices report home improvement leads converting to appointments at a rate of 25% nationally. We have priced our leads accordingly to the expectations for how they should convert to appointments/sales. Contractors should expect to have roughly a 15-20% marketing cost with us over the course of the year. The best contractors at working lead gen are lower, but it takes excellent systems to operate at the highest level.

What are the best systems for working with lead generation?

It is important that contractors have the ability to call leads within the first five minutes of receiving the homeowners’ information. Studies and best practices from our client base prove that calling leads within the first five minutes is mission critical to your success. But that’s not all. In order to make lead generation work long term, it is paramount that contractors have a system for both calling the leads multiple times as well as for tracking progress.

How many times should a lead be called?

Because the very nature of an online buyer is different than the homeowner who reaches out to you, contractor leads need to be called a minimum of ten times. Studies show that closing rations for online service industry sales don’t reach the 90% range until the sixth phone call. Successful contractors will both dial quickly and often. The lower your no contact rate, the higher your appointment rate.

How can I track my progress with Home Improvement Leads?

Free with our service we provide an online Lead Management Tool that allows you to manage all of your leads from us in a cloud-based program that you can access from any computer on the net. You can record notes, update lead status, and color coordinate your leads so that you can track sales with just a glance.