• Never underestimate the value of a professional and pleasant first impression. There are several factors to consider when putting your best foot forward to customers.
  • Agents already know that a Home Improvement Lead is not the same as a sale— your interaction with consumers is highly influential to your conversation rates. According to a popular lead management system, converting a lead is 57% lead quality and 43% sales process.
  • Because of the unique comparison based shopping environment consumers expect with web leads, to win consumer preference it’s especially important to be professional.
  • People often use sub-conscious cues when making decisions about contractors and companies to work with. View your communication and appearance from the consumer’s perspective to make sure you’re representing a professional, experienced and approachable contractor.
  • Replace free email accounts that are being used for customer communication. A small investment in a professional website and email domain name helps establish consumer confidence in your company. Would you rather buy a professional service from slydog@yahoo.com or john.doe@contractorpros.com? Domains are inexpensive, easy to setup, and can be purchased from companies like GoDaddy.com and Register.com
  • A key element to being professional is removing personal expression. The wrong reference can be off-putting or even offensive to a customer that does not share your taste. Consider how your choices of ringback tones, hold music, email signatures, and religious or political statements could be affecting your customer pool.
  • Customers are naturally drawn towards people who they like and feel comfortable around. Practice skills like maintaining friendly conversations in social situations, speaking slowly and clearly, being a good listener and keeping an optimistic attitude. A contractor’s personality can be a huge advantage.
  • Remember that YOU are your most important business asset. Invest in yourself — through educational seminars, classes, seminars, online home improvement forums and blogs, industry publications, and advice from professional acquaintances.
  • You have the keys to success! The home improvement industry is one of those places where if you work hard you can do well.

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