Act Fast Once You Get a Lead

  • Because web leads are delivered in real-time, prompt contractors can speak with homeowners while they’re still sitting in front of their computers.
  • We’re talking minutes, not hours here. 2 hours = Too Late! A delayed response means a consumer may have gotten impatient and filled out other quote request forms, become busy with another task, or already begun speaking with another contractor.
  • According to a popular lead management system, Home Improvement Leads convert 22 times more often when contacted within 5 minutes and 78% prospects convert with the company that contacted them first.
  • Ask to receive leads via email AND text message to increase your lead conversion. Many contractors don’t opt-in to text message notification of leads, but by doing so you’ll gain the ability to make fast contact while away from your office — at lunch, on-site, during off hours and while visiting other customers. Best of all, it’s free!
  • If you receive a lead when you aren’t able to provide a quote, send an email or place a quick call to introduce yourself in a timely manner and request a mutually-beneficial time to speak further. The consumer will associate you with prompt customer service and will be less likely to make a purchase until they have received all of their options.
  • Have the ability to email from your cell phone? Perfect — keep an introductory email draft on your phone for quick customer acknowledgement while you’re on the go. Here’s an example email to use when you want to make initial contact but don’t have the time for a full conversation.

Example email draft to send new leads:

Dear [Name], Thank you for your online quote request for [type] home improvement services. I appreciate the opportunity to help you improve your home. I will be in touch shortly to discuss your needs. Sincerely, Contractor Name Company Name Contact Phone Number Contact Email

Use technology to automatically respond for you! Even the most diligent contractor can’t be everywhere at all times. We share more information about using technology to make first contact in Home Improvement Lead Tip #5: Taking it to the Next Level with Technology.

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