• Home Improvement Leads operates a network of websites that help consumers assemble competitive quotes from home improvement contractors. Once at the website, consumers fill out a simple quote request form that is specific to the type of home improvement service they’re interested in buying. Our advanced technology distributes these leads based on contractor profiles.
  • Keep in mind that the consumer will not be familiar with the Home Improvement Leads company name — our network of websites each have their own unique brand identity that’s specific to the types of home improvement services homeowners were researching online. Since you won’t know what site they used to request a quote, take that into consideration when introducing yourself for the first time and use more generic terminology when describing the reason for your call. Here’s an example script to start the conversation off right:

Hello — may I please speak to [consumer name]?

Hello [consumer name], my name is [contractor name] and I’m calling from [company]. I received your request for [type] home improvement service and I’m calling to schedule your free estimate. Is now a good time to speak?

  • Because leads are typically shared with multiple contractors, the longer you wait to follow-up with a lead increases the likelihood that they will speak to another contractor first. For more information about the importance of time, see Home Improvement Lead Tip #1: The Early Bird Gets the Contract.
  • Sometimes it can be confusing for a consumer to speak with up to 4 contractors at once. Because a consumer will be speaking to multiple agents, it’s very important to make a positive first impression. Being professional, prompt, and memorable is key to your success.
  • Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the lead before making contact. Because consumers have filled out a detailed quote request form, they expect contractors to be familiar with their basic information. We found that consumers become frustrated when asked again for information they just provided online. It’s fine to check the accuracy of your information, just make it clear to the consumer that you want to confirm the information you received.
  • Work internet leads long enough and you’re bound to run into a homeowner overwhelmed with choices. A few understanding words and some light humor can go a long way to building a relationship with your lead and opening the door to future conversation. Sometimes a consumer doesn’t respond to initial contact, and then reaches out to 1 or 2 select contractors weeks later to finish their purchase. In those situations, being light-hearted, sincere and memorable in your initial contact will make all the difference.
  • If you are contacting a consumer in your area, it could be an advantage to mention that you are local. From the consumer’s perspective, getting home improvement quotes online might seem impersonal and anonymous. If you’re working locally, mentioning you’re in the same area will help the consumer relate to you and generate trust. It is also an additional selling point if a consumer prefers to meet in-person or likes to have a brick-and-mortar office available to them.