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It only takes 30 seconds and a quick phone call to sign up and start receiving quality leads in your area and expertise.

Step One: Register here by providing your areas of expertise. (For example: window installation, solar installation, roofing installation, HVAC installation, etc.)

Step Two: HomeImprovementLeads.com invests in you. Through responsible advertising, we encourage homeowners actively searching for project bids to request an estimate.

Step Three: Based on your service area and expertise, you receive their contact information and general project requirements. Leads are sold at most to 4 professionals depending on the number of professionals in your area.

Step Four: Now it's your time to shine. You contact the homeowner directly to confirm the project requirements and set up an appointment. It's important to respond to leads quickly. They are waiting for your call, sign up now!
Are there any requirements to join?
All contractors must have a state license where required by your state and must have general liability insurance and workman's comp if you have full-time employees.

Are there any monthly fees?
There are no monthly fees, however we do require a minimum weekly purchase requirement of 20 leads per week. Every contractor has the ability to specify the maximum number of leads per day or week or even pause their account at any time if they become too busy.

How much do leads cost?
Each trade is priced differently. In addition larger jobs may cost more than smaller jobs in certain trades.

How many leads will I get?
You determine the number of leads you will receive each day, and each week. You can pause at any time or increase the number at any time depending on your business needs.

How many leads will turn into jobs?
Although we cannot guarantee jobs, we often see determined contractors with great communication and sales skills will set on average 30% of leads into appointments. You should then apply your normal close rate on appointments.

How do you screen your leads?
We use a multi-step process to validate that all homeowners information is accurate. Occasionally bad leads do slip through our systems but our return policy ensures that you will receive nothing but valid leads.

How do you treat "bad" leads?
If you get a lead with incorrect contact information, a trade that you did not select, is outside of your service area, or where the person submitting is not the homeowner, then we will give you credit on your account that will be applied toward future leads.

How will I be notified when there is a new lead?
You will automatically receive emails with the homeowners contact information and the details for the project. We also highly suggest that you provide a phone number capable of receiving text messages to contact each homeowner as soon as possible.